Answering The Question Everyone Asks: How Tall Is Kim Dao?

The average height of Asians are generally shorter compared to the people fro mother parts of the globe. Although this is not really something that is detrimental to Asians, it is still being used as some kind of a comparison between people from different nations. The people who are subject to this comparison are usually those who are considered celebrities like Kim Dao. Her parents are Vietnamese and she grew up in Western Australia. Kim Dao height is155 centimeters. Yes, she is short, but it does not limit what she can do in any way.

Cultural Similarities

Kim Dao is living in Japan at the moment and height isn’t really a problem since the average height of Vietnamese and Japanese people are not so different. On top of that, she almost looks like Japanese so there can be many similarities between them. Adjusting to another culture is also something that is not hard for Kim Dao since there are many similarities between these countries. The fact that she is enjoying herself is also reason enough for her to keep going. There is nothing wrong with being different after all.


Kim Dao is doing what she loves and she is making some money out of it. The message behind this is simple. It is the fact that being different from the world in which you live in is not really a detriment as long as you are happy with what you are doing. It is some kind of advocacy that we all understand and help promote. After all, this is something that will benefit everybody. Whether we are short, too tall, fat or too thin,we should always choose the path that will make us happy. Of course, there are some things that we should consider and choosing the right option will always help.