Public Relations: It’s Much More Than Press Releases These Days

Public relations refer to the industry that helps businesses and individuals cultivate a positive standing with the public. If a personality figures in an unsavory event, he or she usually avails of the services of a PR agent in order to mitigate the issue. This can be done through communications on traditional media channels or actual in-person engagements but is more often done now on social media.

PR in the Past

In the past, if you work in public relations, you have to give out a lot of press releases. These are statements given to the press to address certain issues. Whether it is to fix a problem that puts an entity in a bad light or to promote that entity by advertising his or her good projects, awards and the like, his PR team releases a statement to the press. Now, press releases may not be passé but there are more avenues to explore if you work in public relations. It should be something that puts your entity’s face all over social media. This is something that the people at know.

What’s new in the PR world?

These days, any public relations officer is also expected to create content to be posted on social media. The reason behind this is that people are looking more at their Facebook and Instagram accounts rather than checking out what the press puts out via traditional avenues. They sound out targeted emails to feature items or people that are being promoted. They make videos of personalities doing volunteer work. They create content showcasing a personality being silly because everybody loves a person who is adorably cute and silly online. But the key here is to make content that doesn’t feel like advertising.

The modern audience is savvier when it comes to filtering the type of content that they see and hear. If they feel that a picture is too staged, they won’t buy it. This makes the job of a public relations officer harder.